About the Baker

Dear Cookie,

I remember like yesterday that I was only a little girl when my mom introduced me to the kitchen, and I loved it since then! But this was not a fast discovery… 

I moved from Istanbul to North America when I was 20. I lived in Vancouver Canada, Seattle, and am currently living in San Francisco. With a degree in Psychology and post-diploma in Human Resource Management, I worked and volunteered in organizations focused on research, child welfare, public health, and art. Every little experience gave me a different perspective on life and passion. I was always mesmerized by Western culture’s curiosity for ethnic foods, arts, and creativity. 

In the meantime, I enjoyed expressing myself through artistry. I kept my childish and artistic side alive by cooking, drawing, painting, knitting-stitching, planning events, writing children’s stories/poetry/short stories, learning digital photography as well as by playing piano. Eventually, my eagerness for both kitchen and art brought me to Dear Cookie in which the photographs are also taken by me (unless noted otherwise.)

I believe we all have limitless potential to discover new passions and skills to spread joy to others. And I feel happy as I continue exploring because to me, the world is a better place when there is imagination, inspiration, innovation, and all types of colors, taste, and perspective.

The ingredients of Dear Cookie are simply love, passion, fun, and taste. As a self-taught baker just started in June 2012, I think there is no limit to imagination as it grows by practice. You can also share your ideas and imagination with me. And together, we can turn them into a sweet reality made with love. 

To say hi or for any enquiry, please contact Dear Cookie or email: info@dearcookie.com

Sweetly yours,

Oya Karatal      San Francisco, CA